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Mangla 05:45 to 06:15
Shringar 07:20 to 07:40
Gwal 09:15 to 09:35
Rajbhog 11:25 to 12:15
Uthapan 03:35 to 03:55
Bhog N/A
Aarti 05:10 to 06:00
Shayan N/A

Welcome to Official website of Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

Shri Nathdwara Temple Board welcomes you to Shrinathji. The Holy place of the divinity form of Lord Krishna and is the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect known as Pushtimarg.

Nathdwara Temple Board is a Public Religious and charitable Trust established and constituted under The Nathdwara Temple Act 1959 (Act No.13 of 1959). It received the assent of the President Government of india on the 28 th day of March, 1959, An Act to provide for the better administration and governance of the Temple of Shrinathji at Nathdwara.