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Note:- 1) The cottages display list will be depended on the selected criteria.
2) Bookings can be available only for duration 7 days.
3) Bookings cannot be made for date greater than 12 days.
4) Timings are in IST format.
5) The booking confirmation will be sent by sms on your registered mobile number so, please verify your mobile number before booking.
Terms & Conditions: - 1) Photo ID of Guest is required at the time of arrival else Cottage will not be alloted.
2) Alloted Room cannot be changed.
3) Extra Person(s) will be charged as actual per day per person.
4) Vaishnav has to pay Charge/Penalties as decided by Temple Board in case of any damage in Cottage during your Stay.
5) Vaishnav will be liable for their luggage and valuables, so arrange Lock & Keys to secure Cottage.Temple board will not provide Lock & Keys.
6) Car Parking will be charged @ Rs. 20 per day per car. Parking will be alloted only if available.
7) Booking is not transferable.
8) Vaishnav has to pay one day Security Deposit at Counter, which will be refunded at the time of Departure.
9) Vaishnav has to pay additional charge to contractor in case additional Beds are needed.
10) Subject to Nathdwara Juridiction
11) Booking cannot be changed or cancelled. Amount will not be refunded.
12) If Guest doesn't arrive within 10 hrs of check-in time, booking will be automatically cancelled.
13) Service Tax will be charged as applicable.