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Darshan :: Rajbhog | Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara
Shrinathji Darshan Rajbhog

The main meal of the day is offered to Shrinathji at Rajabhoga. Vitthalnathji, the son of the founder of Pushti Marga, has planned this as the most elaborate darshana of all. A temple priest ascends to the terrace prior to the darshana and calls out, 'Mala Begi Laiyo!!' (bring the garland quickly). This loud call heard over a wide area, dates back to the time when Shrinathji was at Mount Govardhana. The flower garden of the temple used to be located at Chandra Sarovar, Nathdwara. 'The call for the Garland' is the signal for the darshan to be opened to the crowds waiting to catch a glimpse of the lord. The rhythmic sound of drums is heard, excitement mounts, and the doors are flung open.


Shrinathji is seen in all his regal splendor, holding lotus in one hand and wearing an elaborate garland. Beeda (folded betal leaves containing spices), are placed near him, along with a pitcher of water, his beloved flute, cane to play with Genda (Ball) and a mirror. Fine perfumes are sprinkled over the kalash on the roof, and the air is redolent with its scent.


At the end of this darshana the lord retires for three hours. This period is known as Anavasara. Recalling his siestas with Swaminiji in meadows of Vrindavana.


The chief kirtanakara of this darshana is Kumbhanadas.